Turn Down...For What???

As I made my morning drive into work this song came on and I have to say, I love it!  Not so much the lyrics, but the meaning behind it all...when we build our businesses...turn up!  When we write our books, turn up!  When we create new designs, turn up!  When we perform on stage, turn up!  When we live our lives...turn up!  The way we love, turn up!  The way we help, turn up!

Why would you turn down?  Your life is as great as you make it!  Your brand is as marketable as you make it!  Your business is as successful as you make it so turn up!  Turn up when it comes to marketing.  Turn up when it comes to branding.  Turn up when it comes to singing that new song or writing that new book!  Turn Up!  Now there are times when you should turn down. 

Turn down to negative, hidden agendas...turn down to negative people and their draining issues..turn down to those who remember your past and try to sabatoge your future!  But with everything that is positive, creative, innovative, true, just, pure, cutting edge...turn up!!

That is my Friday blog..short but oh soooooooooooooo sweet!  Turn Up!!!


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