A Much Needed...YOU

And so it is...another weekend has come and gone.  What did you accomplish?  Did you get that much needed rest you've beeen talking about?  Did you start that new project or begin writing that book?  Or have you come to the conclusion that because you never get anything done that your weekends are just that...an end to another week?  I believe that most people take weekends as they come...a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  A time to renew those friendships and relationships that have been placed on hold due to your heavy work load.  A time to laugh and get caught up on old news.  And yet for some, a time to just be...you.  You know, we work on everything else in our lives but fail sometimes to work on what is most important for our lives...ourselves.  Yes you!  You need time to reflect on your past to see just how far you have come.  You need time to think about memories of loved ones who have passed on...time to take in the old oxygen and just...breathe.  You are just as important as anything else in your life and let's face it...if we neglect ourselves...if we neglect to pamper ourselves and treat ourselves to say a movie or dinner...if we neglect to find love and to be loved...what kind of YOU could you be?  You are a workmanship of the most High God...a masterpiece...and there is none like you in all the earth.  You need tune-ups just like cars do.  If you fail to get those tune-ups...your body will run down and you won't be worth anything...to anyone...so let's think about using our weekends for sharpening our minds and working out our bodies and feeding our intellect.  Let's use weekends to mingle with family and friends...those persons who have to wait...due to our busy schedules...let's use weekends to have fun, laugh much and love more.  You deserve it because let's be real for just a moment...if you don't..who will?  Believe me...if you have nothing to look forward to...you will always look...back.  Happy Monday friends until next weekend....


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