My Wednesday...Hump

Well yesterday at work proved to be as productive as my other days have been but when I got home...with the expectation of a rehearsal for my upcoming play...everything changed.  My son had a few errands to run and I told him I had to be headed to the rehearsal around 6:15...well 6:15 came...6:30...6:45 and at this moment...I was one heated woman when he came home around 6:55...I wanted to strangle him...I was so upset I couldn't even look at him...I had already texted the cast alerting them that I would either be late and if I had to cancel rehearsal...would text again.  WE HAVE A SHOW IN 14 WEEKS!! Needless to say, rehearsal was cancelled.  I was not happy....

So I decided to go out and get me some dinner from Smokey Bones...I needed to cool off and the brisket is awesome...I would use the rest of what seemed to be a hurdle as some extra time to write and work on finishing the biography I am working no avail.  Not only was my cable out..the internet was out as well which hindered me from working in microsoft word which hindered me from getting any writing done.  I felt like "what in the world is all this about"...and wanted to scream.  After speaking with Timewarner...they sent the signal to my modem and box and everything was once again...working.

But after all of this...I truly did not want to do any work.  I was too upset at the current events so...I rested....played a few games on my phone and looked at TV...something I rarely get to do and guess felt good.  Did I get anything accomplished...well in a matter of speaking...yes.  I  Something I truly needed to do.  You know as a writer if the atmosphere is is your creative ability to produce a written work.

What did I get out of all of this...well when things do not go your have to recognize that maybe they weren't suppose to.  I did...and I am all the more thankful..they didn't.  Until next time...


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