A Challenge..Your choice...

There is an old saying, "do as I say, not as I do", that has resonated with me from the beginning.  In fact, if I were to take a poll, many of you would say you've heard this as well and it has somehow been a foundation to how you live your life, and how you raise your kids.  But in this day and time, when ideas seem to be running low and originality seems to be a thing of the past...people are doing as they see others..do.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if one person has an idea of a challenge, and you all know what I am talking about...someone else has to "do it."  We want to be the next "star" or person whose video gets the most "views" but have we ever stopped to think that these "doings" are making us "foolish?"  When you see someone on television do something and many times they will say, "do not try this at home", what in us makes us want to do it?  What is our drive?"  Where is our logic?"  Does it ever come to mind that doing what you see others do, no matter how cool or dope it may seem, may not bring you the same consequences?

 I need us as Americans to do better.  I need us to think of new challenges like, the giving challenge or the saving money or helping challenge.  Maybe even the cleaning challenge or going to church challenge but whatever challenge we come up with, make sure that as it goes "viral", and it will, it will not cause harm or even death to those you know...will follow.  Make sure it is safe, original, and fun to do.  Make sure that while doing it, it makes YOU, a better person. It may be because of my upbringing but I have never wanted to join in on these challenges.  I am a writer, and original in my thoughts and my writings.  I am determined to write a better play or sing a better song.  To direct actors a better way or just be a better mom.  I am even determined to serve God a better way..each and every day.  That is my challenge.  That is what drives me.  It's these challenges that give me the drive to get up every day and work and to play even harder.  It's these challenges that won't give me a complex or lead me to an emergency room.  And parents, as we raise our children, make sure that they know what and who to follow.  Make it plain that every "leader" is not to be "followed" especially when their leading will lead you to harm.  I challenge all of us to do better and live better and love better.  I challenge us to be so good at what we do...that when others see our good deeds, they too...will want to be a part of THAT challenge.


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