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My Frustration....

Many Americans deal with frustration from time to time and I am sure they have found ways to alleviate these feelings but for some of us, fruatration does not end.  It just gets packed away until the next time that something happens that makes frustration rear it's ugly head.  What do you do when this happens?  Do you keep it all in?  Do you pretend that it does not exist?

If you are like me, there are few people with whom you can talk to who will listen to the root of the frustration and then offer some advice.  I have friends who will just listen and ask me, "so what is that telling you?", making me face up to the decision that is inevitable.  No one wants to be frustrated, I know I don't but yet, here I am, totally and completely frustrated.

Now you ask, what is the cause of your frustration Rhabi?  Well, several things. I am a director/playwright/producer.  I am an Accountant and just opened my own accounting business.  I manage payroll at my day job.  I am a mot…