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Are You DUE?

So tax season has officially come to an end and many tax preparers and Accountants are thanking Heaven for this break, myself included.  But when things such as this come to an end, do you feel as if you are now...due?

You've worked hard at accomplishing that goal so are you due?  You've mastered that class and getting ready to graduate from college so are you due?  You have put the finishing touches on that spring wedding and taken all of the crap from the families involved wanting this and wanting are you due?  You've done all you can to keep your credit straight and now you've closed on that new home so are you due?

What do you think you are due for?  TIME OFF...RESTORATION...RELAXATION...A PAT ON THE BACK...A MARGARITA...RECOGNITION.  Yes after all you have done you are due some "me" time, time to look back at what has been done and smile at your accomplishments.  You've worked hard!  You've put up with crazy in-laws.  You've gone wi…