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A Moment of Silence

There are many times in our lives that there is a moment of silence.  A moment when time really seems to stand still..when it almost haults...actually seems to a stop.  It's these moments we cherish the most. 

When your child was born and you were all waiting for that first cry...when they received their first academic award...when they graduated from high school or college and walked across that stage to receive their diploma...when the bride appears and then walks down the aisle...when the clock strikes 12 midnight on New Year's Eve...when a child falls for the first time but gets up without crying...when a proposal of marriage is made and he awaits her answer...all of these occasions have captured a moment of silence......good bad or indifferent, all of these times in your life seemed to take your breath if you stopped breathing just to take it all in. You felt that if you took one might miss something.  So there was a moment...of silence.

I believe …

A Time Limit...

Day in and day out we take time to help others achieve their aide them in their encourage and inspire pray for them and to teach them...but with some people...our time becomes their crutch.  You see, there are tmes when we give so much time that it becomes too much time.  It is at that time when we should say...time is up!

You can only help so much and give so much and teach so much and prepare so can only pray so much that those who take advantage...those who wait on you...those who use you and your time as their own...that you realize you are no longer helping..rather...hindering.

You are hindering their growth...their learning curve...their need to depend on their own knowledge...their own talents...their independence...because you are always giving of your time.  And that leaves little time...for you.  The old saying can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.  Another saying goes if you take a man fishing he can…