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Happy New YOU!

So here we are at the end of another year.  Some of us had a year that was full of happy times, joyful reunions and success while others had a year full of disappoinments, tragedy and sorrow.  Whatever the year brought you did it encourage, inspire, motivate, empower?  Did it make you love those around you more and love things...less?  Did it help you appreciate the small things and the forgotten people?  Did you take better care of yourself due to new medications?  Were your failures used as learning tools to get you to the next level?  I could go on and on but what I need to know, and what I need you to recognize is that, this year holds the OLD you.  What will the new year hold?

I pray a new you.  I pray a new outlook on life.  I pray a new level of courage and thinking. I pray a closer relationship with the Lord our God.  I pray more love and less hate.  Bad things happen but we cannot change them..we can only learn from them.  Those lost relationships, friendships, loved ones, ma…

Heart Cries

Christmas has come again and gone and the memories made with family and friends will be lasting but the one thing you don't want to remember each holiday the loss of a loved one.  Every Memorial Day I remember my mother, Bennie Stevens, who parted this earth and there is always a tear in my eye when that day rolls around.  Now, I have a new soul brother, my friend, my theater lover and my confidant...Paul Walls...has parted this earth heart cries for his family he has left behind, a brother and little sister and my heart cries for his close friends and associates.  Yes, those are true heart cries but there are other reasons my heart cries.

My heart cries because there was soooo much potential inside of him that in some ways got out but in others was put on hold due to his own grief over the loss of his brother in 2006 and his mother in 2013.  Yes he was a director and playwright and directed several of his plays.  He was an actor and has act…


So here we the crest of another Christmas...the stockings are hung by the chimney with care...chestnuts roasting on an open fire...jack frost has certainly been nipping at our noses but everyone is not...Merry.  During the holidays, as well as other seasons of the year, there are those of us who are very sad...very depressed..very discouraged...very lonely and as a society we must recognize that not everyone is having a very Merry Christmas...or even a Happy Holidays as some like to put it.  There are those among us who are dealing with the loss of a loved one...the loss of a job...the loss of companionship...just loss and in that loss, with all of the couples holding hands and families shopping together and gift buying...they are alone. 

I know there are some of us who WANT to be left alone so that we may breathe...but there are others of us who wish we had a companion..wish we had children to buy for..wish we had a family to spend the holidays with...and they don't.  W…