A Gift...in YOU

So here we are...at the crest of another Christmas...the stockings are hung by the chimney with care...chestnuts roasting on an open fire...jack frost has certainly been nipping at our noses but everyone is not...Merry.  During the holidays, as well as other seasons of the year, there are those of us who are very sad...very depressed..very discouraged...very lonely and as a society we must recognize that not everyone is having a very Merry Christmas...or even a Happy Holidays as some like to put it.  There are those among us who are dealing with the loss of a loved one...the loss of a job...the loss of companionship...just loss and in that loss, with all of the couples holding hands and families shopping together and gift buying...they are alone. 

I know there are some of us who WANT to be left alone so that we may breathe...but there are others of us who wish we had a companion..wish we had children to buy for..wish we had a family to spend the holidays with...and they don't.  What they do have are constant reminders of love and happiness and joy over the internet, the television, in movies, in shopping centers, at work, a constant reminder of what they don't have and with that reminder comes the why's. Why can't that be me.  What can't I have love?  Why can't I have money?  Why can't I have a family?  Why, Why, Why??!! I guess we, those who have all of these things and who are enjoying such happiness at this time of the year, need to reach out to those we know, don't.

We need to let them know they ARE loved and needed.  We need to let them know that just because they do not have a mate at this present time, doesn't mean they won't ever have one.  We need to hug them and love on them just as they are.  We need to remind them that they are important and needed and what they feel matters!  We don't need to dismiss them by saying, "oh get over it", or "maybe it wasn't meant for you."  WHAT???!!  And you feel it was meant for you??!!!  Everyone deserves happiness and joy and love and the need to feel wanted.  Everyone!  They need to know that we all have our seasons and theirs is coming but meanwhile, make them feel needed.  Invite them over for dinner or take them out to lunch.  SOME OF US HAVE EVERYTHING AND GIVE OTHERS...NOTHING AND WE WONDER WHY WE...ARE SO MISERABLE!!!

Take them shopping and maybe even volunteer at a soup kitchen or nursing home.  Take them with you to your family's celebration.  Buy them gifts, be a listening ear....listen and don't talk...many people just need to vent...and that venting will do them a world of good....in other words, do whatever your heart desires just don't leave them alone to deal with the holiday depression.  That can be fatal...if they feel there is no hope, if they feel all is lost...if they feel no one will miss them...they will..take themselves out.  Would you want that on your conscience?  Would you want to know that there was something YOU could have done and...and you didn't?  Would you want to know that all of the money and resources YOU have could have been used to bless them and...it didn't?  I think not!  So this Christmas, be an elf to someone who needs you.  Be an inspiration, be love and help that person who feels life is not worth living...to want to continue living because they are important and loved and so needed.  Spread joy, peace and love this Christmas...and continue to spread it...the rest of your days.  Be the Gift!


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