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What I Do?

Walking down the street I decided to go into the local dime store to get me a bottle of pop and upon my arrival there are two cops there looking at me as if I were there to steal.  They follow me around the store with these grim looks on their faces and every time I try to lose them, they appear, once again.  When I get to the section where the pop is I pick out the one I want and proceed to the register.  The store clerk even gives me a suspicious look and says to me, "you gone pay for that?"  I reply "yes, of course" and begin to reach into my pockets for the money.  Right before I pull my hand out with my money the cops, who were at the back of the store suddenly are right behind me saying "be careful son, don't do anything you'll regret!"  My reply was, "what I do?"

Coming home from school and I run to the house because I have a sudden urge for some of mom's pecan pie left in the refrigerator.  I pick up the pace, passing cars even who are just riding along going to their respective houses and get to my driveway.  I almost pass out because of the exertion but make it to the front door of my home.  While reaching in my backpack for my keys I hear a car pull up in the driveway.  It's the neighborhood security and they say to me, "now son, if this is not your house, our advice to you is to walk away slowly before someone gets hurt."  I immediately reply, "officer this is my house," and reach back into my backpack for my keys to open the front door.  I then hear their car door slam and before I can open the door, the security guard is right behind me with his gun drawn telling me to get on the ground with my hands up.  I do it and then reply, "what I do?"

Man I am pumped.  My new CD has just been cut and I'm about to go out here and see if I can sell a few of these because I need the money.  I know I can stand right here in front of this store because I have seen other artists do it before and they were successful.  I get to the store front, look around and take out my CD's.  Of course I have a piece in the car because you never know about people, have to protect myself in case of an emergency.  This is a great place to sell these and I have sold 2 already.  I reach back into my backpack to get a few more when I see a cop car pull up.  They get out of the car and ask what I am doing.  I reply, "just trying to sell my CDs, that's all officer, that 's all."  They have these looks on their faces like I was lying to them and ask me again what I am doing on that sidewalk.  After replying once again to my actions, they then tell me to get on the ground, pull out their guns and ask me for identification.  They then shoot me and as I am drawing my last breath I hear one of them say, "it wasn't a gun, it was his ID he was reaching for...check his pulse."  With my last breath I say, "what I do?"

It is amazing that there are many situations such as these happening in our neighborhoods on a daily basis.  Some we hear about while others fall to deaf ears.  Fortunately for some, they walk away but are bruised with memories of these uncalled for acts of certain law enforcement.  WHAT DID THEY DO??!!  THE ACTIONS OF THE FEW SPEAK VOLUMES TO MANY WHO DO NOTHING TO STOP IT.  Some victims can no longer speak for themselves but those left behind can.  Take a stand for those who took..a fall!


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