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Have You Considered?

There are shootings and killings and looting and murders and abuse and conditions that exist that make you wonder why? Why did he shoot up the movie theater?  Why did he shoot an unarmed suspect?  Why did he beat her to a pulp?  Why did he run over innocent bystanders and keep going as if their lives meant nothing?  Why, why, why is a question we seem to be asking ourselves and those in leadership a lot these days but have you considered that there may be a logical reason behind all of this mayhem?

Have you considered that the man beating his girlfriend/wife came from a home where abuse resided?  That it was all he saw and that maybe, just maybe it was all he knew?  That he was acting out of pain and pressure?  Have you considered that the one who shot up the movie theater may have been dealing with some self esteem issues, control issues and that maybe this was his way of "taking" back some of the control he had lost?  That maybe, just maybe he felt he had no other recourse…

What I Do?

Walking down the street I decided to go into the local dime store to get me a bottle of pop and upon my arrival there are two cops there looking at me as if I were there to steal.  They follow me around the store with these grim looks on their faces and every time I try to lose them, they appear, once again.  When I get to the section where the pop is I pick out the one I want and proceed to the register.  The store clerk even gives me a suspicious look and says to me, "you gone pay for that?"  I reply "yes, of course" and begin to reach into my pockets for the money.  Right before I pull my hand out with my money the cops, who were at the back of the store suddenly are right behind me saying "be careful son, don't do anything you'll regret!"  My reply was, "what I do?"

Coming home from school and I run to the house because I have a sudden urge for some of mom's pecan pie left in the refrigerator.  I pick up the pace, passing cars ev…

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