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My Part...

My part is to educate my son on police brutality but to make him aware not all officers are evil.  My part is to help him recognize when he is in the right and when he is in the wrong.  My part is to tell him that I am on his side and will fight for him when necessary.  My part is to open his eyes to positive influences around him and to warn him against those that are negative.  My part is to be his parent.

My part is to know the difference between when my son is crying out for attention or just wanting a reaction.  My part is to know what is inside of his heart by hearing what is coming out of his head.  My part is to pray daily for my son when I know the world is preying against him.  My part is to be his parent.

My part is to exemplify dignity and grace in front of him so that he knows the difference between a lady and a tramp.  My part is to speak positive words to him and about him so that it penatrates his soul when others try to penatrate his side.  My part is to carry myself …