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Greater Is Coming

Well it has been quite a journey with this former relationship of mine.  As with all relationships, you learn a little something, apply a little something and take away a little something.  The hope is that you take away more wisdom than you brought in.  The hope is that you learned a little more about you than you knew before.  The hope is that you know without a shadow of a doubt that your greater is coming.

When we meet people and begin the process of coming together in a relationship, we hope that the person we meet, their persona, their smile, their disposition, their character stands strong throughout the entire relationship.  Whether it be a month of dating or 52 years of marriage as I witnessed yesterday in church, you want what you met to be true.  At times it does stand the test of time but there are other times when it doesn't.  If not so be it.  Greater is coming.

Not everyone is who they SAY they are and not everyone does what they SAY they will do but we, as the othe…