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Don't Let Winter..Die You

Winter is here and I believe that most of us in the United States have felt some affect from it.  Whether is has been the frigid temperatures or the horrible snow storms leaving over 6 feet in Boston and other places...we have all felt some affect.  And though winter makes us want to be still and sit down and remain isolated...we don't have to stop.  In other words, don't die in winter.

This time of year slows us all down because to be frank, it is too cold to want to do anything but I found out that when we are still..when we are focused and not running here and there...when we are able to listen to our loved ones and think..we have the capacity to be more why not?  Why not start that project you have been talking about all year...why not put together ideas for that business you have wanted to start...why not get together with friends in the warmth of someone's home and brainstorm so that when the weather warms are fresh and ready to tackle a new id…

Be My Neighbor

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood it's a beautiful day for a neighbor, won't you be mine? Those of us who grew up in the 70's know this line all too well.  Mr. Rogers sang this every time his show came on and though back then I really did not have the full meaning behind this line, I do now.  If you are anything like me, you cherish those programs that we grew up watching.  They were good solid programs that taught us something.  They showed us ways to get along with each other.  They gave us values and taught us that what's really our love and acceptance of each other.

Today we need more programs such as these.  The Andy Griffith Show, for instance, taught values of family, friends, and our neighbor.  It taught us that there are consequences for our actions whether they be bad or good.  Andy was the model single father who did all he could to raise Opie to be an upstanding young man who would love himself, and his neighbor.  Andy taught Opie …