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The Benefits of Sleep

It's the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep. Though sleep escapes me, I am compelled to write out thoughts..those things that at the present moment are keeping me awake.

Pressures of life...problems...deadlines...they are all ingredients that naw at us...concern us and even keep us from the quiet of sleep.  Many of us have no idea what benefits sleep has but for those of us who find it difficult to participate in what comes so natural to others, it's priceless.  What I would give to experience that calm, that peace. What I would give to just slip away into a world only known by my dreams.

My thoughts keep me on edge because of what is coming next.  I am constantly searching for something new that may enhance my business or my writing.  Something that will give me an edge so that I am ahead of the game, and not yesterday's news.  My need to stay abreast of the latest tax laws or daily news keeps me on my toes but leaves me sleepless and frustrated.

As I wr…