The Benefits of Sleep

It's the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep. Though sleep escapes me, I am compelled to write out thoughts..those things that at the present moment are keeping me awake.

Pressures of life...problems...deadlines...they are all ingredients that naw at us...concern us and even keep us from the quiet of sleep.  Many of us have no idea what benefits sleep has but for those of us who find it difficult to participate in what comes so natural to others, it's priceless.  What I would give to experience that calm, that peace. What I would give to just slip away into a world only known by my dreams.

My thoughts keep me on edge because of what is coming next.  I am constantly searching for something new that may enhance my business or my writing.  Something that will give me an edge so that I am ahead of the game, and not yesterday's news.  My need to stay abreast of the latest tax laws or daily news keeps me on my toes but leaves me sleepless and frustrated.

As I write this blog I am reminded of just how important it is to take time out to relax your mind and worry not about what is next. We must take the time to almost feel non-existent in a world saturated with human existence.  Our days are already filled with enough tasks that if we lined them up, would never be completed in a normal 24 hour day yet, we stretch ourselves and push our limits to meet what we feel is necessary to be validated.  We have accomplished something and that in itself means more to us than a good night's sleep.

Well, it's time we take back what is necessary for our very existence.  You see, when God created the world, and all that it contains, He did it in 6 days and on the 7th day, He rested.  It was important to Him then, and we should feel that it is just as important to  We have no other choice if we are to be productive, energetic, motivated and determined but to rest.  These 48 hour clocks we live by only exist in our heads.  I know the importance of sleep and I will do everything I can to get it.

Everything else can and will wait. It's pointless to run on empty fuel and expect our bodies, that demand a good night's rest, to keep moving.  Like a car, when the gas runs out, and it begins to run on gas fumes, it is only a matter of time before it stops completely.  That stop won't start back up until gas is replenished.  The same lies with us. Either we stop to take a rest, or our bodies will do what's best and stop us...dead in our tracks.

I desire a natural night's sleep for the sake of my health and well being.  I desire that for well. Until next time...


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