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A Time to Turn

In everyone's life there comes a time to turn.  Turn why, you ask?  Well if you have lived as long as I have, 50 years, you learn that your quality of life is much more important than your quatity of life. As you grow and develop relationships with others, at one time in your life those relationships are important to your continued growth.  But as you age, and my prayer is that you will, you learn that those relationships that at one time seemed to be beneficial to your very existence, are NO LONGER NEEDED.

When I decided to move from my hometown and live in a totally different city and state and time zone, I knew that there were some people I was saying goodbye to, for the last time.  I knew there were people who while essential to my projects and my overall well being, no longer had a place in my life.  I knew this and with a sadness, accepted it.  When I returned, I no longer had a desire to be near them or associate with them.  I had made a turn.

A turn for the better.  This does not mean that they were bad for me, many times it is quite the opposite. But when you allow yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone, to go to a place unknown and be familiar with no one work and to exist well outside what is normal for you, away from everyone you love and know, you then open yourself up to growth.  You see once you let go of what you are used to and hold fast to what is unfamiliar, it is then you turn.

You turn away from those who may hinder you.  You turn from those who want to keep you just right where they can reach turn from comfort to uncomfortable and it is when you make this turn that you learn a whole new you.  When you are around what is familiar and comfortable, you accept who you are and who and what is around you.  You make that your family, your life.  But when you turn, and friends there is a time to turn, you then know who you are and what you are really capable of.

I found out that I was capable of living my life well outside of my comfort zone.  I found out that people I knew and loved, no longer had a place in my life.  It's not that they changed, rather, I did.  I changed my thought process about what I really needed to survive  I changed my need for people who no longer had a place in my life. I changed my way of thinking...that without them I would not be successful in all of my endeavors.  From the outside looking in, and I was, I realized that Robin was a new person who needed only to depend on God for everything. He took me away from people and things so that I would truly see and rely on Him. My "friend" zone had changed.  My circle was smaller but more potent.  I had success surrounding me, inspiration and powerful thinking surrounding me.  I had love and acceptance for who I am now, surrounding me.

I had surrounded myself for years with people who supported me mind you, but without those support "hooks", I really saw God. It was time for a turn and in that turn I learned something else. Life with those I thought was in my corner, was no life at all.  It was a dependency...a drug...and in order for me to be rehabilitated, I needed the "rehab" I took to be clean.  Making a turn when it is time to make a turn can be so freeing. When will your time come to make a turn? Well if it hasn't already, it will but only if you allow it to.  And when it does, know that this turn will be the best thing that could ever happen to you.  A time to turn..let's continue to grow together.


  1. My grandma would say, " you can't see the forest for the trees". When we step out from among the trees we really see what was REALLY going on. We get comfortable ( speaking for me) and complacent and start to die spiritually. But when we step "Away" we begin to see the "forest"and what the trees really look like. It really is NOT what i thought it was.

    1. Misty you could not be more correct! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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