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Time to Be Still...

For those of us on the east coast we are experiencing snow, sleet, freezing rain, a true winter storm and for some of us, it's depressing.  It's depessing because you are inside.  It's depressing because you for the most part are immobile. It's depressing because it's cold and damp and slick. It's depressing because you are away from some family and friends. It's depressing because you are bored and you cannot get out to spend money and go places.

Well I want to encourage you today. Instead of looking at the obvious, look beyond that and use this peaceful and quiet time for something productive.  You see, these moments can be moments where you are most creative.  Where your talent is tuned up because you are tuned in.  Where your brand can expand because you have the time to work it.  Time inside does not have to be the end of you; rather it can be the extension of you.

Everything good does not have to be outside, inside can be just as good, if not even bet…

A Sweet New You!

Happy New Year! I know it has been one busy holiday season but my prayer is that each of you got some joy, some peace, some tranquility and a whole lot of love during the holidays.  We are at the beginning of a new year, it's 2016 and as you all know, the number 16 is usually associated with sweet. She's the sweet 16, or when it comes to basketball, it's the "sweet" 16 teams. We hear this word often. But as we begin this new year, let's focus on the word "sweet."

Usually when the word "sweet" is used, it means something positive, good, a new level, heart warming, and it brings along with it positive thoughts.  There's nothing wrong with that, but as we move forward, it's day 2 of the new year of a new month...let's think of the word "sweet" and apply it to ourselves.

This year, when you are working on your job, instead of your co-workers referring to you as a tirant, maybe they can say, "he was sweet for doing th…