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Giving Thanks for Being Thankful...

It's that time of year again when we think of family and friends.  When we get our mouths ready to taste oh so delicious foods and baked goods.  When we think...of giving thanks for all we have and for who we know.  It's that time when we take the time to spend with those we love and to do those things we seldom have enough time to do  Well even though most of us are thankful, have we ever thought about being thankful for being thankful.

Let me break it down.  It is common knowledge that we should be thankful for our health and our family and friends.  That we should be truly thankful we have food to place on our tables and clothes to put on our backs.  That we should be truly thankful for the life we live and the places we are allowed to visit.  Being thankful for those things and those easy.  But have you ever taken the time to thank God for the fact that you ARE thankful.

To many of us, the word "thanks" has…