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Station Break....

You know, when you are watching a television program and all of a sudden there come this...station break; or when you are listening to the radio and there comes this...station break...well here we are again at another station break..but this is a break of a different kind.  This station break involves our involves our involves our Christian brothers and involves us.

This morning, we were all awaken with tragic news of a young man who had opened up fire in a church in Charleston, SC.  We heard what they said, watched footage that was available at the time...we even looked on the faces of those affected by this crime and we as a people...took a break.  We took a break from our normal activities upon waking up in the morning..instead of rushing downstairs to fix breakfast we were rushing around in the bathroom so that we could see this unfolding news...this tragedy...those affected...and the suspect who was at large.

We didn't rush to eat nor did …

This Joy!

Wow is all I can say at the moment.  It's not because something has happened or someone has said anything or something was is because of my inner joy.  This joy, that makes me want to get up every morning and praise my God.  This joy, that keeps my mind steady when everything else around me is unsettled.  This joy, that puts a song in my heart and a spring in my step when there is no reason to sing or dance.  This joy, that keeps me calm in the midst of my storm.  This joy, that makes me stand still and know that He is God.

This joy, that when I am confronted with mess and ridicule, I can smile and say to myself, "everything is going to be alright."  This joy that soothes me when there is so much to be irritated and frustrated about.  This joy that makes me pray each and every morning to a wonderful and patient and loving God.  This joy, that helps me smile when I should be sad and witness to the goodness and greatness of Jesus.  This joy, that gives me strengt…