Be My Neighbor

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood it's a beautiful day for a neighbor, won't you be mine? Those of us who grew up in the 70's know this line all too well.  Mr. Rogers sang this every time his show came on and though back then I really did not have the full meaning behind this line, I do now.  If you are anything like me, you cherish those programs that we grew up watching.  They were good solid programs that taught us something.  They showed us ways to get along with each other.  They gave us values and taught us that what's really our love and acceptance of each other.

Today we need more programs such as these.  The Andy Griffith Show, for instance, taught values of family, friends, and our neighbor.  It taught us that there are consequences for our actions whether they be bad or good.  Andy was the model single father who did all he could to raise Opie to be an upstanding young man who would love himself, and his neighbor.  Andy taught Opie respect for his elders and to accept change, no matter how painful it was.  That same teaching needs to be taught today in our homes, and in our schools.  It needs to start there so that when our children go out into the world, they know what respect looks like and what is means.

I believe that if more of this were taught, we would have less kids bullying and belittling.  We would have less chaos and more correction.  We would have less crime and more creativity.  Just my thoughts but I believe since I grew up in that era and came out ok, these kids today would too.  When did we stop teaching how to respect your elders and yourself.  When did we get away from good moral character?  When did we stop being positive examples? The bible says to "love thy neighbor as thyself"...when we don't love ourselves we our neighbors.  We all know hurt people...hurt other people.

We know that single moms and dads feel there hands are tied with trying to put food on the table and clothes on their children's backs while trying to hold down more than one job.  We know that the delicate balance in families has been unbalanced due to financial hardships, sickness and disease.  We all know there is a true struggle and if my struggle keeps me awake at night trying to figure out my next will  keep you awake too.  Why, because of the unrest that creates looting in the streets and muggings and ill will.  We can't be good neighbors if we see no good in our neighborhood but will start with us.  Lend a hand when you see someone struggling...keep their kids if they are not able to find childcare due to money issues..lend an ear when they need to vent to show them someone cares...

Pick up the trash you see on the side of the road and stop saying, "I didn't put it there" or "not my issue".  We may act above this but are we really?  If something affects part of our neighborhood...does it not...affect you too?  My blog today may be short, but I leave you with this thought....are YOU a good neighbor?


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