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Have You Considered?

There are shootings and killings and looting and murders and abuse and conditions that exist that make you wonder why? Why did he shoot up the movie theater?  Why did he shoot an unarmed suspect?  Why did he beat her to a pulp?  Why did he run over innocent bystanders and keep going as if their lives meant nothing?  Why, why, why is a question we seem to be asking ourselves and those in leadership a lot these days but have you considered that there may be a logical reason behind all of this mayhem?

Have you considered that the man beating his girlfriend/wife came from a home where abuse resided?  That it was all he saw and that maybe, just maybe it was all he knew?  That he was acting out of pain and pressure?  Have you considered that the one who shot up the movie theater may have been dealing with some self esteem issues, control issues and that maybe this was his way of "taking" back some of the control he had lost?  That maybe, just maybe he felt he had no other recourse?  Have you considered that those innocent bystanders who were run over and those innocent children killed that maybe, just maybe this man had in his mind, no other reason to live?  That maybe just maybe this was a test of some sort from a group that had complete control of his mind, will and emotions?

Have you even considered that those unarmed black men/boys who were gunned down were at the end of a barrel that was held by a cop who was dealing with anger issues?  That maybe, just maybe he/she felt this was a way to get all of the pinned up anger and frustration of a job that demands the best of you at all times?  Have you ever thought that some of these cops came from the military and never had conseling to deal with PTSD?  That some of what happens is just their response to what they remember?  That they need help and never cried out for any?  Have you considered?

No, before you ask, I am not in any way condoning any of this horrible mess that has taken away husbands, wives, children, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.  I am in no way saying we should excuse their behavior and keep it moving because they themselves have issues.  No no at all, but what I am saying is have you considered, before passing judgment that there are some deep rooted issues that these people have never disclosed to anyone?

People do not act out of anger and negligence and abuse just because.  There is a reason for all of it.  As with some of these suspects who committed these horrible crimes, it was later found out that they had history of abuse, or mental illness or PTSD and that was all it was, history.  There was hardly any evidence that they had been treated or seen by doctors.  Any evidence that was found of treatment seemed to end there.  NO ONE KEPT UP WITH THEM AND NO ONE WAS WATCHING. There were letters found, family members who recalled incidents or even school officials who had memory of misbehavior.  THESE PEOPLE ARE HURTING AND THEY ARE OFTEN OVERLOOKED.  And when that happens, we leave them open to commit these awful crimes, to kill innocent people and children, to even kill themselves becasue why would they keep living?  They know the outcome and in most cases feel that killing themselves is some sort of worship, reward, or just what's best.

It's sad that so many had to die but until we grab hold of what is really going on right under some  of our noses with our family members, this sort of thing will continue to plague us in our homes, in our churches, in our communities.  WHEN YOU SEE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OR SEE ITEMS THAT COULD BE USED FOR BOMBS, WEAPONS, SPEAK OUT!  When we remain silent, the actions of those who commit these crimes become loud.  Even these need to be loved and cared for, for if they are, some of this would never happen.  Have you considered? Let's do all we can to pay attention to those in our communities, our homes and our families to be sure they are getting the help that they need and if after all of that they are still in the same frame of mind, know, you did all you could. Why do I say all of this?  Because I am the mother of a son with mental illness...


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