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Heart Cries

Christmas has come again and gone and the memories made with family and friends will be lasting but the one thing you don't want to remember each holiday the loss of a loved one.  Every Memorial Day I remember my mother, Bennie Stevens, who parted this earth and there is always a tear in my eye when that day rolls around.  Now, I have a new soul brother, my friend, my theater lover and my confidant...Paul Walls...has parted this earth heart cries for his family he has left behind, a brother and little sister and my heart cries for his close friends and associates.  Yes, those are true heart cries but there are other reasons my heart cries.

My heart cries because there was soooo much potential inside of him that in some ways got out but in others was put on hold due to his own grief over the loss of his brother in 2006 and his mother in 2013.  Yes he was a director and playwright and directed several of his plays.  He was an actor and has acted in several of my plays and other plays in churches and other organizations in the community..yes he was active but because of his own heart cries...his legacy was placed on hold.  A legacy that would have taught the world to laugh out loud, really, and enjoy it.  A legacy that would have made you dig deep within yourself and see who you really are and who you really can become.  My heart cries because of his teaching of unseasoned actors taught them just what acting really was.  He was a true soldier in theater and my heart cries because not too many people knew that.

But my heart not only cries for Paul but for countless others who right now are placed on hold.  Be it because of a job loss, or family trial or personal struggle...the legacy that they too can leave behind is...on...hold.  I wish Paul were here right now so that I could tell him "go ahead and get started...get back on that writing grind...get your work out there"...but he didn't get a chance to.  He told me that in watching what I was doing, it inspired him to start writing again.  Well, I guess it's too late.  But for you and for many others, it's not.  Don't wait until the "right" time or the "next" opportunity to start what God has placed inside of you.  Don't wait on a "yes" or an "ok" just do it.  Your tomorrow is not promised.  Ask the many actors, and other artists who have been laid to rest.  Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Bernie Mac, Maya Angelou, need I say more.  These were pioneers in their craft but I'm sure, they wanted more time.

Do what you been waiting to do, today.  Get it started because we don't need another heart cry.  For Paul, his legacy will teach us to get started or to start again.  Let's keep his legacy alive by doing...just that.  Until next time...


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