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A Moment of Silence

There are many times in our lives that there is a moment of silence.  A moment when time really seems to stand still..when it almost haults...actually seems to a stop.  It's these moments we cherish the most. 

When your child was born and you were all waiting for that first cry...when they received their first academic award...when they graduated from high school or college and walked across that stage to receive their diploma...when the bride appears and then walks down the aisle...when the clock strikes 12 midnight on New Year's Eve...when a child falls for the first time but gets up without crying...when a proposal of marriage is made and he awaits her answer...all of these occasions have captured a moment of silence......good bad or indifferent, all of these times in your life seemed to take your breath if you stopped breathing just to take it all in. You felt that if you took one might miss something.  So there was a moment...of silence.

I believe that it is at these moments we take inventory of what just happened because when you look back over those times, more often than not, tears began to flow. Whether tears of joy or sorrow, surprise or disappointment, there were tears forming in your eyes in response to that very moment.  It's a moment that hardly comes around again but a moment that will have a lasting impact on our lives for years to come.

Take charge of these moments in time.  They are precious, special and just plain rare in some cases.  Don't lose sight of what you are experiencing because when you are speechless, the moment itself is priceless.  So take notice next time something extraordinary or fascinating happens...or even if a milestone is met...and note that moment was so took your...breath away.  That in itself deserves...a moment of silence.


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