Morning Thoughts.....

This morning I was thinking about myself...yes..myself.  Ever since I was a small baby and grew a little older...I knew..I was adopted.  I was placed in a foster home at the age of 5 months old...and later adopted.  Many children today are foster children or adopted for one reason or another...but have you ever wondered how this makes them feel?  Did it ever occur to you that a child that is placed in another home away from their biological parents...feels misplaced?  Have you ever wondered if that child felt...loved or appreciated or even...wanted?  Well being a child who has been through this...all of these feelings I have experienced.

It is one thing to grow up in a home where both parents are there for you and it is even another thing to grow up in a home where at least one parent resides...but it is something entirely different to grow up in a home where neither parent is blood related to you...or to grow up in a home where your parents...could care less about you.  As a young child I believe I had fun; played games, rode bicycles...experienced the normal things every child has experienced...made friends...and my parents loved me and made sure I was involved in everything a child coud be...but there was always this feeling of "why"...why was I not raised with my brother and why was I "given" away and why didn't my mother love me enough to keep me...and why wasn't my father around...WHY????  No matter what my parents said...I felt alone.  I felt no one loved me enough to keep me...I felt worthless.

Because of this, I tried to find my worth in someone else.  When I became a teenager although I was being raised in a Christian home with strict rules...I was wild.  Not so much in my attitude, although I gave my mom something to reckon with...but in my ways.  I searched for my worth in boys...and young men...and thought I had found it there.  When you hear "you are nothing" or "you own mother didn't want you" search for someone...who does.  I only found that they wanted my body...could have cared less about my mind.  I found that my search was in the wrong place and with the wrong ones...I found that I had worth I just had to reach find it.  Well friends, today, I know my worth.  I know who I am and WHO's I am and there is nothing and no one who can tell me different.

I believe I had to have that struggle to enjoy success.  Not so much in monetary success but in a success of being...of knowing...of doing...and of living.  Not everyone feels matter what you say...but everyone IS a Holy and loving God...I challenge you to reach out and tell someone they are loved...I challenge you to show them as well as tell them..I challenge you to pick them up when they are hug them when they are encourage them when they are discouraged because no one knows where they got their start...but you can be a part of a GREAT finish!  Until next time...


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