Morning Thoughts....

Here we are, it's Wednesday and what a day it will be.  I know, the day has hardly is still new and nothing detrimental has happened...or has it.  Have you ever stopped to think about the millions of people who woke up in devastation...without food to eat...those persons who are battling a deadly disease...or maybe even those whose spouse left last night...never to return.  Maybe you have given thought to those persons, like myself...who have battled abuse of any form..and those who still are....Have any of these thoughts ever entered...your mind.  Each new day is a new opportunity for all of start again.  God gives us each day to do..just that.  Devastation hits all of us at one point, and the way we handle what brings us out of it, thanking God...for a new day.  I embrace each and every day as a gift...for that is what it is not something we deserved...for if you are like me..there were thoughts and deeds that didn't warrant a new day...there were times you said things to people that were not so nice...and even times you did things that shamed the face of our God...but...He is graceful yet...and if you are reading this are here only by His grace...and His mercy. 

There are some of us who woke up in pain...some still who woke up with a broken heart...and yet some...who wish they had died in the middle of the night.....they exist..these things and feelings are very real...there were times in my own life...I wanted to die.  Times I looked up to God and said...why am I still here...what is it you want with me...what purpose does my life fill?  Obviously there was purpose which is why I am blessed to be writing this let you know that I too have had my struggles...I too have faced some difficult circumstances...but I am still here.  To enjoy each day as it comes...and to use each day as a means to further my ministry of helping others see the good in themselves.  WE ALL HAVE SOME GOOD IN just may take someone point it out so don't give up friends...don't throw in the towel...and whatever you do...don't turn your back on God...He is there in times of trouble...and will always be there.  Embrace that...embrace this new day and know...YOU HAVE PURPOSE...if you didn't...why would you here?  These are just my morning thoughts...Until my next blog...


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