Morning Thoughts....

Relationships can be difficult at times because what has been between two people...comes between two people.  In any relationship, whether you have good intentions or not, there will always be something that has happened to one's past...that comes up in the present.  The way we deal with what makes the difference.  No two people are perfect and no relationship is either...what makes it work is the willingness on the hearts of the two involved.  So you had a horrible break-up before you met she used you and tossed you aside like yesterday's that the responsibility of the person you are in relationship with now...should they suffer the consequences of your past...should they have to hear about "what she did", or "what he did" for the duration of your relationship?  I think not!

What happens now is you have to be willing to put aside what happened and embrace...what is.  This new person in your life deserves a fresh start.  They deserve an open heart.  They also deserve an open mind.  If you are not able to give this to a is best you wait until you can.  We destroy what could be good relationships because we rush into them.  We don't want to be alone..we don't want to be left with the thoughts of yesterday..we don't want to suffer the pain alone so...we go out..look for someone and "make" them suffer with us.  Not cool.

Just like you that person is coming into this with hopes of longevity...they are coming into this waiting for the sunshine of a new smile...the warmth of a new embrace...the love of a new heart.  We have all been hurt...we have all been tossed aside...we have all been used and abused in some form or fashion...but should we all suffer "past problems"...I often say, "hey, I didn't do it so don't take it out on me" to people who seem to forget I wasn't there when that horrible "thing" happened. 

So...embrace this new relationship..embrace this new heart..embrace this new soul.  Treat him or her as if they were a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow...and flow...flow right into a new an exciting relationship.  Old things are passed away behold...all things become new.  This not only applies to our spiritual person..but to our natural person.  Until next time...


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