My Tuesday

Good morning, this morning I had random thoughts...thoughts of feeling secure.  In this world we live in where things and people seem to be more and more unsteady, we find ourselves searching for something or someone who will make us  We do this because with all of the uncertainty..wars ...deadly diseases...gang shootings...murders...homelessness...famine and horrible storms of nature...we need something or someone who will make us feel..certain.  It's human nature to want to feel this way but in the scheme of was always God's way.  You see, without Him...we are nothing...without Him...we will fail and if we do not recognize the need for His presence in our lives..we will sail away just like the song says..."just like a ship..without a sail."  Is that what we want?  Do we want to spend the rest of our lives...searching for something that has been before us all along?  I think not.  I believe in my heart that though this life is weary at times and though we have to endure hardships and sorrow and devastation...we want that something...that someone...that steady and solid our lives.  Some of us search and think we can find it in drugs...or alchohol...or even sex or gambling but friends...these are all temporary fills...they will never fill a void such as that left when we don't seek a relationship and follow Christ.

We need is then we are most creative and happy.  We need to know there is someone who will always be there..who will always be in our corner...who will always want the best for prosper us our soul prospers.  We want someone to cheer us on and pick us up when we have fallen down.  We want that unconditional love...for it was love that brought Jesus to was love that erased all of our was love that made us whole and brought us back into relationship with the Lord our God.  So..think about it...think about the times when you felt most lonely..the times you felt no one cared...the times when you needed a push in the right direction...a listening ear...a shoulder to lean on.  Yes we can find this in people..from time to time...but that lasting encouragement...that lasting unconditional love...will never tire...will never turn away from us and will only come from God.  Seek Him today and ask Him to come into your life.  He's the only one who can make it...make sense.  That feeling of insecurity that is all around us..can stay around us as long as we are holding on to the One who is and will always  Until next time...


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