This morning all I could think about was smiling...why should I smile?  My other question would be...why not?  I'm to feed myself and able to to walk and to hear and be to see and feel and taste...that in itself is a lot to smile about.  If you ever took a moment and thought about all the people who do not enjoy these basic would find that you too...have a lot to smile about.

Smiling does not mean everything is just means you are determined to smile in the midst of it.  Remember the commercial whose tagline was..."never let them see you sweat"...well that is the mindset I have adopted to my life.  I sometimes smile when I should be crying...I sometimes smile when I am in pain...and I sometimes smile when my heart is breaking...I smile...because I can.  And you know what, it helps me to get through my day.

It can help you too besides, it is great exercise for your face....smiling doesn't mean you forget your troubles or that you are in denial of what may be going on in your just means you choose to appear the next time you feel yourself frowning...try turning that frown into a may find that you'll feel much better in the midst of the "not so good"...until my next blog...


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