Being Sure...No Matter What...

In this morning's blog...though late...I want to talk about being sure of yourself.  When we were young, our parents taught us to "never let them see you sweat"...or "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"..those type of sayings that were said to keep us sure of who we are.  Life...happens..and when it does...there are some things in this life that are meant and created to make us feel unsure...uncertain of what we know we were created to do...when we are working on our mission or our purpose or our passion..we need to make sure that whatever comes, whatever happens we do not lose focus of what we were created to do...what we were missioned to accomplish.  You may be in a place right now of where you are unsure of why you were placed here on this earth.  You may have told you would never amont to anything.  That you were a failure because your parents were failures or even have heard from loved ones you were "nothing."  But friends let me assure you that if you have "heard" what your purpose is or have stumbled upon something that brings you joy..stay in place...and be sure. 

No matter what they sure.  No matter what circumstances have happened to make you stumble and sure.  No matter what obstacles have come your way making you jump through sure.  God has commissioned every one of us for a purpose.  He has instiled in each of us the ability to do whatever it is He has asked us to do. you don't have the don't have the don't even know where you will set up "shop"..but God knows.  Why would He have asked you to do it?  Why would He have placed inside of you everything you need to accomplish it?  I remember when I was in an abusive relationship back in 2000, I woke up one December night to the voice of God.  He said, "read the story about the woman with an issue of blood and then write a modern day play about the same" as a Christian woman...I was use to hearing His voice..but as a woman who had been battered...beaten...and scared to wake up for fear that this was just a hopeful thing....I wasn't so sure.  But I did what He said...I read the scripture about the woman with an issue of blood and wrote a modern day play about the same in just two weeks.  I had never written a play before in my life but here I was and then the question came to mind.."how will I get people interested in performing in this play by a woman who they have never seen write anything"...but it all came together and to this day, I am still writing stage plays. 

Was it  Were the people ready and willing to participate at all  Was I told it would never come to pass...yes...but I kept pressing forward.  If it had not been for that press...I would not be where I am award winning Playwright, new Author, Director...and the list goes on.  I give all glory and honor to God for all He has placed my hands to do..and you can too.  Press forward...walk in that gift that God has given or that mission He has placed in your hands and work it to the best of you ability.  When dark times come...and they will...keep the hope that you are never alone...for God is with you...all..the...way!  Until next time...


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