Be New...

What a beautiful morning...the grass is green and the birds are singing...we are living..moving and having our being...all on this...beautiful morning.  Each new day brings new obstacles even new adventures...and with each new day..we should bring something new to it.  What would that be you might ask...well a new attitude...a new way to approach a new day...a new idea...a new outlook on life...that is what we should bring to day.  Yesterday and all that it brought around you and to gone.  Yes, we may be dealing with the issues of yesterday...still...and we may be dealing with the failures of yesterday...still...and we may even be dealing with the people who brought hurt and pain to us yesterday...still...but the WAY we deal with all of it...should be new.  We often talk about change...well change happens when we ourselves...change.  We may still be waiting on an unanswered prayer or waiting for the results of a test of even waiting in line to check out our groceries but should we become frustration...should we become worry...should we become impatience? No! 

When we allow our circumstances to dictate our attitude and the way we deal with people, we allow our circumstances to CONTROL us.  Yes I said control.  When we allow the horrible actions of others to "get us out of character"...we are controlled.  When we "seek revenge" on those who have hurt us...we are controlled.  When that grocery line is long and there are only two cashiers checking out 100 people and we "lash out"...we are controlled.  You may be in that circumstance but you do not have to BE that circumstance.  Be new.  Approach things and people in a new way.  Look at those things that have upset you in a new way.  Deal with the issues and obstacles in life...a new way.  Wait in line...a new way.  Wait on God...a new way. Whatever it is..decide to be new.  Each new day is a gift so enjoy the gift and embrace what's new.  You didn't see todays sunlight yesterday and you shouldn't deal with those things from yesterday..the same today.  Until next time...


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