A New Day...

Have you ever thought...I made it to a new day...has your week been such that you didn't feel you would?  It's a new day, a new opportunity, a new time, a new moment to do what you've been waiting to do and even if you aren't waiting to do something...you might just be waiting for something..to be over.  We all have our trials and tribulations..we all struggle each and every day to be a better "us" and we all have moments that seem unbearable...but friends...it's a new day.  That situation, that heartache, that failure, that failed relationship...have all fallen to a new day.  Take in this day...breathe in the air and wait...something inside of you has caused you to press forward.  Something inside said, "it's not over until it's over", or "you're stronger than you really know."  We are all born with inner strength that allows us to keep pressing forward...shake it off...turn the other cheek.  Easy, not by a long shot...doable...definately.  We cannot let what they say, what they did, how it made you feel to take over and take...us...out.  It hurts, yes...they talked about me and scandalized my name...yes...he broke my heart...yes...I lost my job...yes...I don't know where my next meal is coming from...yes but can we allow these situations and circumstances to govern our next move...our next day?  I think not!  This new day is a new opportunity to..get it right.  A new opportunity to say how you feel.  A new opportunity to press just a little bit further.  It won't be easy, and there may be more hurdles you have to jump but know...it is your day and you should embrace it!  What's done is done.  What's said is said.  If you didn't finish that project guess what, you still have an opportunity to do so.  All is not lost..you're here aren't you?  You're breathing aren't you?  Take on this new day as a new task.  Make lists of what you'd like to accomplish even if it means breathing better or eating better.  Loving more and judging less.  Getting more exercise.  Building your business...whatever it means....Count your blessings....because it's a new day!


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