Encouraged To Encourage....

You may have had a rough day yesterday...but be enouraged.  You may have heard news that did not set well with you...but be encouraged.  You may have been talked about...left to do a project all alone..left out of the "popular" circle...or even just felt discouraged because your life does not seem to be moving in the direction you thought it would...but be encouraged.  You see, things and people we cannot control...they will do for us one day and do us in...the next...but what you can do is to be encouraged because when you are encouraged...you in turn encourage others.

When they hear your story of triumph and success...when they hear you overcame the odds...when they hear instead of cursing him out...you told him you love him and wished him well...they will be encouraged by the fact that if you did it, they can do it too.  We feel that if we give up..things will be ok or if we give in...they will get better or if we give out...we won't have to worry about them any longer...but I ask you...would you feel any better?  After you have said what you wanted to say or done what you wanted to do..or not...would you feel you have accomplished anything?  Most times, we make them worse by "getting" in the way.

When God has the wheel we sometimes sit beside Him passenger seat driving when all along, He knows exactly where He is taking us...where we need to be...what needs to be done to help us...being encouraged does not mean you don't feel or hurt or cry...it does not mean you don't get angry or upset or frustrated...it simply means...you can get through it...you can overcome it...you can accomplish it..if you just stay encouraged.  And when you have finished that task...that tough assignment...that project you can then turn to someone else to encourage them.

It's part of the circle of life.  The "one hand washes the other" phrase puts this all in perspective.  When we are helped...we should in turn...help.  We will all be down at times...feel unaccomplished at times...feel less than worthy or even feel like giving up...but if we stay encouraged..if we remember we are not in this "thing" alone...if we just remember God is on our side and He wants the best for us...for us to prosper even as our soul prospers...we will not fail to remember someone is pulling for us...and we HAVE to pull for someone else!  Until next time...


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