Love...what can we say about it...what can't we say about it...I love the word and all it entails.  This past weekend, I witnessed a beautiful union between two wonderful people.  Yes there was fanfare and a lot of hoopla...yes there were gorgeous decorations and beautiful dresses...and yes there were beautiful love songs played along with a wonderful soloist...but the foundation of it all...was love.  the most beautiful thing that can happen between two of God's love.  It encompasses endures hopes believes tries is a word that God Himself placed into aciton when He gave us His son Jesus...and it is a word that will continue to flourish throughout our generation and generations to come.

Have you ever loved?  Have you ever experienced love from another human being?  Are you currently in love...ahhhh what joy that brings to my soul to hear of another loving...another.  I am a woman who  I do my best in showing it every day to my fellow my son...and to my mate.  It is because of this word...this word that is full of action mind you...that we are all here today.  I hear some people say, "I don't need love", "I am fine by myself and don't need anybody else"...or "that lovey dovey stuff is for the birds"..well is it?  I mean, do you really want to spend the rest of your life without love?  I believe in my heart that no one wants to spend the rest of their lives without someone to love and someone who will give them love.  No one wants to continually wake up alone.  No one wants to continually come home to an empty house.  I know I don't and I don't believe you do either.

So let's embrace love when we see others in it and when we are involved in it ourselves.  Let's welcome love to our hearts and to our lives.  Let's love each other the best that we can for if you remember, it was love that saved us from a horrible hell.  Will you have all up!  But when you love and receive love...those down days can be so much lighter.  I am a woman in love...and I pray that you too can be a person in love...and full of love for yourself and for everyone else...around you.  Until my next blog...


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