Hurry Up Friday...

This morning my thoughts were about Friday.  What it means to most of us.  Why we work so hard to get here.  I enjoy Fridays simply because they bring the "promise" of some time off.  Although time off is just two days for most of us, unless we are taking vacation, those two days mean time away from the busy days at work...time away from crazy co-workers...time away from deadlines and schedules...just...time off.  We fight 4 days a week, most of us, to get through each day so that we can make it one day Friday.  We rush about our day as if tomorrow wouldn't come any sooner without it.  And then when we finally get to Friday...that mad rush we have made all week seems to be worth it for in just a day...we will be enjoying the weekend.

This hurry up and wait society we live in has taken over our lives to the point that when we do slow down..we feel as if we are missing something or forgot to do something or should be somewhere other  What happened to "slow down and smell the roses"...It's sad our lives are such that most of us do not know how to relax...myself included.  But my challenge to all of you today is to slow down...enjoy the pre-weekend day of Friday...breathe...know that what you've worked so hard all week to get here.  A weekend to relax...relate...and release.  Until next time...


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