Peace in the Storm...

Peace in the midst of the storm...sounds crazy huh?  As I think on how things seem so uneasy right now in the middle east...and uneasy right now in Ferguson...and even uneasy in some of our own neighborhoods...I still have peace.  The Malaysia Flight 17 crash...Israel..Gaza and now can they have peace?  How can those affected with the Ebola virus..have peace... How can the families of the victims have can those trying to create order have can we as on lookers...have peace?  Every time we look around there is something creating unrest..something that creates an uneasy feeling in all of our hearts and minds...we are sometimes too scared to walk out of our own homes...too scared to voice our opinion on what is happening...too scared to make a move towards progress when others are in so much turmoil and pain.  HOW CAN YOU HAVE PEACE?

 It seems that when communities are being torn apart by a violent act there follows even more violence.  When you hear of a baby being left in a hot car who hear of more babies dying from the same.  When China seems at rest the United States seems to be in an uproar.  Will there ever come a day that nothing is wrong?  Will we ever stop hearing about wars?  Will deadly diseases vanish from the face of the earth?  Will people stop looting and shooting?Will we be able to turn on the news and hear only...good news...about good things...and good people?  HOW CAN WE HAVE PEACE?

You have peace by putting your trust in God.  You have peace by not leaning to your own understanding.  You have peace by knowing that though things look rough right now, it won't last always.  You have peace by remembering that if God brought you through one thing, He will surely bring you through another.  You have peace by accepting that when things are out of serve a God who is In control.  Does everything always work out the way we want them to? No.  Are families hurt and loved ones lost?  Yes.  Does it seem that those creating unrest and wars and terrorist acts get away with it?  Yes.  Should this change how you love and live? No.  Stop making the news the center of your day and start making God that.   Stop focusing on what is wrong and focus on what is right.  Support others and be there for others when they are going through; pray for our nation and our leaders...but never let anything or anyone take your joy! how you have peace in the midst of the storm.  Until next time...


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