A Birth...A Blessing

It has been a while since my last blog but it has been for good reason.  On Wednesday, August 27, 2014, I became a grandmother to a beautiful little boy, Mason Aamar.  He was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long...and let me tell you...it was certainly a moment in time when he came into the world.  Have you ever witnessed a live birth?  If not, I believe it is something that will give you a new perspective on life..to see a new human being...a new life come into the world...is a blessing.

It also brought to mind how we as people have to wait...wait through the pain...wait through the pressure wait...through the agony...we have to wait until it's time.  Ruphani, Mason's mother, had dialated to a 10 and though normally you would start pushing...they asked her to wait.  They said that if they waited, it would allow Mason to press his way through the birth canal...on his own and then when he had made some progress or in their words, "looked like it had become stressful", they would then ask Ruphani to push......what a revelation.

While we are waiting on God for something...to answer a prayer...to open a door...to bless us...He is making us wait...wait until we ourselves have made some progress...wait until we ourselves have done all we can alone...and then come in to help us the rest of the way...the rest of the journey.  When I think about the process of birth, I think about what is took to get there.  Through months of developing and being nurtured..through months of growing, the baby...when it comes to labor...is ready...but at the same time..we who are on the receiving end...have to be ready to receive this new life...this new human who is totally depended on us...for everything.

That is just how we should see God.  He IS our everything...or should be...and we should totally depend on Him.  We cannot  make it through this life...through this journey without Him.  We, on our own will get a little ways...but we won't go all the way unless we have His help.  With birth, it is the same...Mason can get down the birth canal a little ways...but will need Ruphani pushing and pressing for him to get all the way out.  Our situations..we need to push and press...our tribulations we need to push and press...our circumstances...we need to push through it...and press our way until we have come to the expected end.

Mason got here and is healthy and whole.  We too can get to our destinaton healthy and whole if we realize that birth...where we are expected to be...is a process but once we get there...certainly a blessing.  Until next time...


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