A Mouth of Mess...

It is so amazing to me how much information we transmit...by mouth.  Oh yeah this is the information age and we have desk top computers, lap tops, ipads, tablets, smart phones, nooks...we can even use skype, webex, face time...we have lots of ways to get in touch with people and communicate without even making any physical contact...but the one thing that has been with us since the beginning of time...the one thing that has carried conversation before all of our awesome technological advances...is our mouths. 

Yes, we should use our mouths to voice things that can be miscommunicated by a gadget...we should use our mouths to answer the questions asked by us from our teachers to our Pastors to our friends...we should even use our mouths to shout the praises of our awesome God...but what we should not use our mouths for...is gossip.  Yes that ugly but internationally used form of communication still rings in heavy today.  I wonder what we would do if we could not gossip.  Now I agree, some things, some news needs to be carried by us with our mouths because it is the only way some people will get updates, news...but anything that can hurt, disappoint, anger, slander or judge another person...should not be communiated.

In fact instead of talking about something you "heard", why not pray about it.  Why not say to the person carrying it to you "look, I wasn't there so I'd rather not hear this", or "my name is bennet and I ain't in it"....anything that will keep that gossip from traveling any further.  Gossip is never good, never encouraging, never thoughtful, never inspiring...it is always a way to tear someone down or bring a little "shade" to the person or situation.  It is a way to make yourself look better and if I may say, some of us need gossip so that our situations will...look better.  It is sad to know that some of us would die if we did not have this form of communication...WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT IT??

Well  my question is, what do you do...with it?  Did what you said to someone else about what you think you heard or was told to you by someone who was or was not there...bless you?  Did what you hear about someone give you a better perception of that person...of that situation?  Did what you hear lead you to your knees instead of your phone or laptop?  Maybe what you heard made you look at that person differently...maybe even distance yourself from them...no matter what...we should not be trash cans for trash...tell them to dump it somewhere else and as a person who has first hand knowlege of information...it is your responsibility to protect what has happened or what was said as the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE.  If we played defense better, maybe we...could join the NFL...


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