Raise Your Glass...

It's Monday again and I am sure you have something to raise your glass to.  What did you accomplish last week?  What new project did you start?  What new contacts did you make?  If you have an answer to all of these questions, a positive answer, then you should raise your glass.  Each new day we should strive to go a little further...to dream a little bigger...to start a little sooner...and when you do, you have made a major step in fulfilling your dreams...raise your glass!

When they said you could not do it, that you did not have what it takes...and you not only did it but did it with a sense of pride and fulfillment...raise your glass!

When they said you would be nothing or amount to anything and you not only amounted but have become quite a success...raise your glass!

When you have been turned down and neglected or your talents have been placed in the "look at later or trash pile" and finally got a call or email from somone interested and you became excited...raise your glass!

When you have met all odds...didn't have the capital to fund your business or the funds to purchase a new suit for that interview and not only did you make the interview with what you had, but got the job...and those funds you needed came just in the nick of time...raise your glass!

When all hope was lost...that you would bring your business that has been at a loss to make a small profit...and you are finally in the black because you did not give up...raise your glass!

When the church hurt you...when your friends turned their back on you...when you were left to "figure" it out on your own and not only did you figure it out..you still gave God your heart and worship inspite of what others have done...raise your glass!

When you lost someone you loved and thought you would not ever get out of that depression...and you are now back to work and life as usual with a smile...raise your glass!

When you were born to nothing but have made your life worth something..raise your glass!

Because you have made it...I raise my glass to you...so whatever you have overcome...let's one and all now...RAISE YOUR GLASS!


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