Let Go...Let Grow

As a mother it is so difficult to let go of your children, especially when it is time to do so.  Just recently I had to let my son go...after several years of trying to help him and trying to "grow" him, I realized that the only way this will happen is if I...let go.  Many teenagers go off to college after high school and it is then their parents have to learn to let them go so that they may become independent and realize what life is all about.  For their formative years, we as parents held on to them to nurture them and to protect them.  We knew where they were, how they were eating, when they were sleeping, etc., but when the time comes to let them go...you know...nothing.

We pray that everything you have instilled in them will manifest itself once they are out from under our protective covering...but we can only...hope.  My son did not go off to college.  He did not even finish high school because he didn't want to "do it" any longer.  That in itself broke my heart but...he was 18 and there was pretty much nothing I could do.  So, I supported him.  Now, as a new father and still one who has yet to finish his high school education, my son has given in to many temptations...temptations that are not allowed under my roof. 

I have always told him that when he turned 18, he needed to do one of three things.  Go to college, go to the military or get a full-time job.  He accomplished one of them...getting a job but even with that, only goes when he "feels" like it.  So, since it seemed that after months of urging him to do something with his life he just wanted to hang out all night, and do ungodly things, it was time for me to tell him...to go.  Wow, talk about heartbreak...it is all I can do not to go pick him up and bring him home but how else...will he learn.  How else will he realize that he is really out there on his own and has to make his own way.

I had to let go...so that he could grow...and one day if you haven't already, regardless of the circumstances...you will have to let go too.  We can't live their lives...we can't make their decisions...the only thing we can do is watch...and pray.  Will it feel good..no.  Will it be good for them...I have to say...yes.  If nothing else, they will learn what it is to make it out here...they will learn how to become responsible and they will learn who is for them and who...is against them.  Will they make mistakes...of course...but didn't you?  Until next time...


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