New Danger...Old Enemy

In this day and time we are faced with all kinds of dangers...but the one danger we are faced with that seems new to an old danger that has been somewhat ignored.  We hear of ISIS and the Taliban..we hear of crimes happening all over the world from domestic violence in our NFL to children left in cars...but the one thing that underlies all of these dangers is something..that has been around since the beginning of time.  Our minds....

When you get to the bottom of it all...crime starts where...adultery starts where....feeling insignificant and insecure starts where...feeling one can overtake the world or feeling that "I can  jump the fence to the White House starts!  That's right...the bible declares in Proverbs 23:7 "for as a man thinketh in his is he" this mind danger has been around for quite some time.  Look at Cain and Able...look even before that at the serpent who spoke to Eve in the garden.  He made her believe that she could be like a god by convincing her to eat of the forbidden fruit and she did which caused a world of sin to was in her mind..the belief was planted..and that seed grew.

It is the same today.  When a person thinks in his/her heart that they can do a certain thing or master a certain thing...when they think they can shoot up a school or hijack a car...or if they think they are nothing because of what they had been told from birth or from family members or friends..even if they had been mentally abused by a loved one...the danger begins there.  IN THEIR MINDS...and unless that present danger is disfused...unless they are debriefed...unless their mindset is changed to a more positive and fruitful thinking...they will remain in that mindset and remain a danger.  This is why crime existed at the beginning of time and why it still exists today.  We have to change mindsets in order for dangers to be less present.

How do we do that, you ask?  Well by encouraging someone or by praising someone for their well doing or being a part or for their help or assistance.  Not everyone had the positive upbringing...not everyone grew up in a household where positive things were said to them..not everone has been made to believe that they are worth something but everyone...everyone deserves a chance...don't you think.  No, we cannot change what has already happened or is happening today...but we can change the future by changing the way we think..and how we help others to think.

Pay attention to what someone they act...what they believe...and if it is anything less than positive or pure..anything less than encouraging or uplifting...make it a point to help change their way of thinking...get them some help...offer assistance to them...if we can do just that...we would be what crimes we can stop.  For out of the abundance of the heart...the mouth speaks...Matthew 12:34...but we can take it further...what is in the heart can manifest itself in the mind and then in the hands...that is the beginning of the end.  OUR MINDS CAN BE OUR WORSE ENEMY...That is where we must stop our minds..the oldest enemy.


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