Keep The Dream Alive

In life we often times dream of better days; better relationships; better jobs and the list goes on and on but the one thing we need to stop doing is letting our dream...die.

When my son was growing up and even before when he was a small baby, I had dreams.  Big dreams for him.  But during the course of his lifetime, those dreams I had have often taken a back seat.  Why you ask?  Well when my son decided at the age of 16 to drop out of high school my dream of him walking across the stage and getting that diploma in 2013 died.  My dream of him going to college in 2013 died.  They had no life.  What life they had died along with his decision to forget school, at least at that moment.  But there is something liberating about dreams.  They live as long as you keep them alive.

What that means is this.  Maybe my dream of him finishing high school in 2013 died, but it can re-live again with him finishing high school...right?  And maybe my dream of him attending college in 2013 died but it too can re-live again when he does finish college...right?  Right.  So what am I saying here? Simple, our dreams live because we give them life and whatever is attached to that dream can live as long as we don't die, don't give up, don't give way to the opposite of what we are dreaming.  Dream those dreams and when circumstances change that may alter the date of those dreams being realized, don't alter the dream.

Michael can still finish school...when is the question now and my dream of seeing him walk across the stage can still be realized if only I...believe.  Life and death are in the power of the tongue so whatever you what you shall have.  I will have a high school graduate, forget just wasn't his time.  But when his time comes...oh what a great day that will be because my dream will then come to pass.  Keep dreaming and therefore...keep living.  Until my next post...


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