Say It Loud...

Today is election day and I hope that if you have not already cast your vote...that you will.  It is so important to the success of our country that you, make your voice heard.  I hear so many say, "I won't be voting in this election, it is not the presidential election" or "it doesn't count anyway, why bother?"  WHY BOTHER???  Hummm maybe because of those who came before us who were not able to vote.  Maybe because of their sacrifice, their suffering, their lynching, their beatings...maybe because of Jim Crow..because back then we were not considered among those who "counted" is why we should bother.

Every election is important and every person's vote is just as important.  You may not have an immediate need or know of anyone who does, but there is always a need for us to place individuals who are fair minded, who will listen to both sides, who will make sound decisions, who are not swayed by the majority or even minority..those who care about the well being of others...that we vote.  And besides, it's free so why not take advantange of it???  Those who came before us paid the price for us to vote...with their lives...they stood in long lines so that their voice..could be heard.  They held signs and their children, our great grandfathers and grandfathers and great grandmothers and grandmothers...held signs...why would we make what they in vain?

There are policies on every side that need to be addressed and if you are anything like are tired of policy without promise.  So on this election day, while you still can..while there is still breath in your body and strength in your arms..while you can still reason in your mind...please take the time to vote.  So many who want to...can not.  Your party not only depends on it...the future of your generation...does too!  So voice your opinion...say it loud by casting your vote!


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