My Honor...Your Heroism

Today we celebrate Veterans all around the world who have given their lives for the freedom of our country.  For the freedom of that we may live, move and have our very being within the corners of this great nation.  It is because of them who have served and are serving that we can enjoy some basic freedoms.  These men and women gave up their lives, gave up family time, gave up home cooked meals and night outs just so they could  Is that not enough to honor them? Were you on the front lines in battle?  Were you lying in a hospital bed from war wounds?  Did you lose limbs...the ability to think clearly...the ability to speak...the ability to run...and for some the ability to see?  Was that you?

These brave men and women are to be honored not just today, but everyday.  We live every day as if it were more to come while these men and women live everyday as if it were their last.  THEY DESERVE OUR HONOR AND OUR PRAISE!  No one asked them to do was their decision and theirs alone.  Yes I am sure there were drafts, all throughout history there were drafts of men and women who had no choice...but regardless of whether they chose to protect our country or not...they did and because of them...we are.

Today if you do nothing else, please take the time to salute our service men and women.  Those who have given their lives so that we may have ourS...those who without a second thought have the backs of their fellow soldier...those who even today, whether they serve or not...pray that this great country of ours is protected from sea to shining sea.  Veterans...I honor you for your service and most of all...for your heroism!  HAPPY VETERANS DAY!


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