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Be Angry...But Sin Not

As a child this scripture, which comes from Ephesians 4:26, was just that, scripture.  But as a woman the meaning behind this scripture means so much.  In light of what happened in Ferguson, the decision not to indict Officer Wilson, is stiffling.  Am I angry, yes.  Would I have liked to see a decision to indict Wilson, of course but just because I am angry and upset at our justice system, I cannot and will not use my anger against anyone or anything.  We all have a voice and our voices can be heard clearly if we protest in the spirit of calm and order.  Looting businesses, setting on fire buildings and police cars, stealing and even using our fists will not bring Michael Brown back nor will it prove we heard.  It will only create more violence especially among those who have already set it in their do so.

So what should we do?  Well for starters, not participate in the looting, shooting, fire setting and fist pumping..we should protest by using our voice to vote for elected officials who will do something more than make a decision off of their own beliefs.  We should rally around court houses with signs that depict our dissatisfaction.  We should go to congress and have our say...peacefully and with calm.  Who wants to listen to someone who is cursing and using their bodies in anger.  Who wants to hear from angry words and slander.  Who wants to participate in violence that only begets..violence.  TELL ME WHO?

I don't, and others who I socialize with do not either.  To the innocent citizens of Ferguson, I feel with you and for you.  For those business owners who now have to decide whether to rebuild and where...I sympathize with you.  For those police officers who may have decided in their own hearts that Wilson was wrong, I am with you and for the family of Michael Brown who are still in sorrow over the loss of their child and now have to deal with his killer being free..I pray for you.  Let's rally around peace and order.  Let's rally around getting laws changed and the right people in office.  Let's rally around discipline and doctrine that will aid in more indictments around the world of wrongful killing of our sons and daughters.

Be angry but sin not...the bible is clear.  Won't you be?


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