Take Note...

Things happen in our lives...some of which we can explain while others...we have no clue but when things happen that we are aware of we need to...take note.  There will be people who at times, say they are in your corner...say they are team YOU, say they support you and LOVE you...but later on their actions will tell you just how YOU they are.  We, as a people, have to be careful not to let everyone in our inner court...inner circle.  We have to be careful to not only listen...but to look.  Yes, there will be those who are for you, and love you and support you and will do all they can to make you know that...but there are others and these others are who I want to write about today.

Not everyone who says, "yes" means yes.  Let me explain.  You are a target...when you are about purpose and are doing all you can in your limited power to make things happen..whether in business or deed...there will be those watching who want a piece of the action...YOU.  They will sign up on your team, be at your next fundraiser, advertise your events...and will only do that so that they can keep watch...they have an agenda and it is not to help...rather to hurt.  Your passion becomes their purpose...their purpose to sabatoge...their purpose to tear apart...their purpose to bring down...watch those who seem eager and want to know every move you make...every decision you make..every new idea you have...watch...and take note.

No, we cannot go around thinking everyone is out to get us...but we do not need to live...in a bubble.  There are people...on your team...whose aim is to tear down everything you try to do.  They are jealous of you...yes you have enemies..they are real...and they want to be close so that they are not caught unaware of your next move.  How dare you come up with a new idea.  How dare you come up with the next invention.  How dare you write a new book or the next screen play...HOW DARE YOU!  Friends, they are very real and I feel a sense of obligation to let you know they are closer to you than you think. 

As my mother used to say, "don't let your right hand know what your left hand..is doing"..you can't alway tell others what is about to happen...sometimes you just have to let them see...for themselves.  Protect your craft, your gift, your talent....sometimes it's best to let them find out....in the press release!


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