A Silent Strength...

There is something to be said about having your voice heard.  There is also somethng to be said about being heard without saying..a word.  That is where I'd like to focus today.  There are times in our lives we need to "voice" our thought or our opinions to have our "voice" heard or our vote counted.  But there are other times when there is nothing we need to say.  It is at those time we need to let our silence speak for us.  Every debate is not for us.  Every circumstance or situation we find others in..does not require a word from us...most times they require prayer..they require thought and sometimes, they even require nothing at all.  We do not alway have to "say" anything for our voices to be heard or our desires to be known.  Remember, actions speak louder than words and in most cases what you don't do, will show others exactly how you feel or what you think about a certain matter.  Every fight...is not OUR fight!

I know, when we are arguing with someone we must have the last word.  But did it ever occur to you when you keep silent...sometimes that in itself will speak for you.  A soft anwer will turn away wrath the bible says, but for every action, we have a reaction.  I know, that is what science tells us but every reaction does not create peace...sometimes it creates chaos.  When you are silent your actions or inaction will tell others exactly how you feel.  And there are other times when we are silent that the other person will recognize just how foolish they seem...they sound..they look.  There are so many thing happening in and around us that yes, we need to be heard but there are still things happening around us that our participation in them is to be seen...and not...heard.  Sometimes just our presence can speak for us.  Showing up to a rally can say more than speaking anything at that rally.

We have become a nation of voice.  We must speak to be heard.  We must act to be heard.  We must do something so that our congress, our senators and our President can hear us loud and clear.  But when a nation keeps silent on certain things, it doesn't necesarily mean you are weak or shame...it doesn't necessarily mean you agree or disagree...it just means you know the power of your silence.  Speak when you need to speak.  Rally when you need to rally and demonstrate when you need to demonstrate but also use that power within you to keep silent.  Silence in the midst of chaos shows strength.

My mother always said, "watch and pray"...and I believe if we did more of this...our nation, our country our world would be in a much better state.  Just because someone calls you a name doesn't mean you have to call them one.  Just because someone throws paper in your yard does not mean you have to throw it back in theirs.  The most powerful thing we can say and do at times..is to say and do...nothing...just watch...and pray. 


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