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A Celebration Indeed!

It's been a while since my last post but I wanted to talk about a celebration.  We all have celebrations...birthday...anniversary...graduation...and some would even say when a loved one dies...that is a celebration of their homegoing...but today I want to talk homecomings...what a celebration indeed.  As I sit here, North Carolina A&T State University is celebrating their annual homecoming and oh, if you have never been in Greensboro, NC during one of really miss a treat.  It seems to start with Sunday before homecoming with events and throughout the week, you have pep rallys, speeches, step shows, comedy shows, day parties, and of course on homecoming day, a parade, the homecoming football game, followed with many tailgaters, vendors, and night parties along with concerts.  WHAT A WEEK!  In my mind, as a resident of Greensboro all of my life...there is no better celebration when it comes to college.

 In my early childhood I always looked forward to their parades..waving at the bands and cheerleaders...those in owners and getting all of that candy!!!  I loved this time of year because the excitement and the food was oh so delicious...the fish plates, chittlin plates...chicken...ribs...greens...need I go on? These students and faculty and alumni really go all out to celebrate their college.  It shows great commitment, honor, and just plain joy being a part of this great school.  If you are a resident and have never attended A&T, you are still considered an Aggie.  It's just in the DNA of this town and during this time, everyone gets involved in one way or another.  You cannot help but be excited for the Aggies.  They bring such a high to Greensboro and I am honored to just be here and have participated as much as I have.

So, whether a resident, alumni, student, faculty, or just plain homecoming celebrator...come to Greensboro during one of A&T's'll be a part of a celebration...INDEED!



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