Waiting My Turn...

It has already been a strange morning.  I woke up, fine...ready to tackle a new day.  My son had asked to use my car to get a haircut today...fine, and I had several tasks to complete at work.  So, I'm up getting ready and I noticed that instead of waking my son up...he was already dressed and downstairs.  I thought, oh, he's early but better yet, I won't have to drag him out of bed which usually throws me behind.  I walk downstairs only to find him lying on the couch, almost unaware of me standing there looking at him.  I say, "hey are you ready", and he replies, "I'm not going"....this young man who was exicted about getting his hair cut...he's trying to keep it neat...was almost lifeless.  I asked him "why not", but he said, "just not going."  You see, when he is this way, there is always something that has dampened his spirit...whether it be his girlfriend...or a friend getting on his nerves...or just feeling down about where he is in life.  Whatever it is, it bothered me because I, being his mother, worry about his well being and whether he is taking life by the horns...but decided not to get too much into it...to let him "work it out" in his own way.  He's 19...and I feel as though I have done all I can to "raise him" and it is at these moments I have to leave him alone to figure life out.  This is where we "wait our turn" in life.  It wasn't time for me to sit down with him and "help him through" whatever it was...it was time for me to go about my day and pray that he will come to some sort of solution to his "problem."  I want to fix it...but as a parent of an adult child...I can't.  If I do, then what am I teaching him...that mom will always fix it...or that mom has all the answers...or that mom will take the burden and allow him to think "life is easy"...no...this is his problem...and if he is to gain strength in working things out...I have to wait...my turn.

So with that, I got myself ready to leave and noticed he had left the couch and was no where to be found...I called out to him, but he did not answer...it was strange...but ok.  He wanted to be left alone...so I left...got in my car and started down the long busy highway...I was in the right lane of great flow...and was moving along listening to music...as I do every morning.  Usually I have no blocks or obstacles when it comes to other cars because me and Sterling (a name I call my silver malibu)...are in the wind and in the lane of least resistance.  Well that was the case at first but somehow, as I was traveling along the highway on my way to work..there are other familiar cars traveling the same way too.  It's cool...they have their agendas just like I do...as long as they don't get in my way...not the case today.  I could tell they were trying to catch up to me..."let's stop this silver malibu from flowing so freely" I could hear them saying...lol...and today..they did.  As I approached the exit I take to my job...they had caught up to me...as if it was their goal to do so...and blocked me from getting in the lane to exit.  They had formed what seemed to be a huge barrier so that I could not slide over in the exit lane...I was furious...what have they done...I was in the lead..ahead of them just going about my drive and here they were...in...my...way.  It was several cars later that I was able to get over...to have my turn...and although I was upset...I realized that in life and with everything and everyone...we have a turn.  If it is not your turn...you won't get your chance...not yet anyway.  We are so use to this microwave generation of  "I got to have it now and fast" that we forget nothing in this life will happen until it's time.  So I had to wait..my turn...and as you go throughout your life and your daily activities...as you create working relationships and build your brand...you too...will have to wait...until it's time..you will have to wait...your turn.


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