A True Friend...

As I sit here thinking about friendship, I am reminded about what a true friend...is.  I mean let's face it.  We all at one point in our lives have had...friends..but have we really experienced true friendship.  You know, those friends who you can call upon at anytime day or night for any reason to talk about any problem.  Those friends who reserve judgement and just...listen.  Those friends who know your past, rejoice in your present and encourage your future.  How many of us have those true friends?  I have to say, not many.  Yes we have those friends who are with us during times of joy and pure happiness.  Times we are enjoying great success and total fulfillment.  But who is really there when we are feeling less than perfect.  When we have lost all hope?  When we are facing some devastating circumstances?  When we are just...down...who is really there to encourage us and to offer a hand?  Where are those friends who will do anything and say everything to make you feel more than let down...left out...looked over...crushed...broken hearted...Where...are...they?  I know this.  If you have friends such as these, hold tight to them.  They are a rare jewel and should be cherished.  But if you are like many...what do you do...when you are not blessed...with true friendship? I guess a thought comes to mind about "together we stand and divided we fall"...a lot of truth to that.  But I am cnouraged that these true friends do exist..in fact...I have a few.  What about you?  Let me know your thoughts.  Until next time...


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